George R. Goode Memorial Scholarship

established in 2014 by Dr. John Grimes to honor Mr. George Ray Goode, a ground-breaking community leader in Clifton Forge. Mr. Goode was born in Clifton Forge and has lived most of his life in the area. He worked for the railroad for 36 years and raised 8 children in Clifton Forge. Perhaps his most notable achievement is being elected the first African-American Mayor of Clifton Forge, from 1976-1986. Awarded annually to a graduating high school senior, continuing student, or non-traditional student, who is a descendant of alumni of Jefferson or Watson schools. Student must also demosntrate financial need, good moral character, good citizenship, and serve as a mentor in the school or community. Preference given to those living in the Alleghany Highlands

Supplemental Questions
  1. Descendant of Alumni of Jefferson or Watson Schools
    • Are you a descendant of an alumnus of Jefferson or Watson schools?
    • If so, please state the family member's name.
    • What is this family member's relationship to you?